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`SRFI' stands for `Scheme Request For Implementation'. An SRFI is a description of an extension to standard Scheme. Draft and final SRFI documents, a FAQ, and other information about SRFIs can be found at the SRFI web site.

Scheme 48 includes implementations of the following (final) SRFIs:

Documentation on these can be found at the web site mentioned above.

SRFI 14 includes the procedure ->char-set which is not a standard Scheme identifier (in R5RS the only required identifier starting with - is - itself). In the Scheme 48 version of SRFI 14 we have renamed ->char-set as x->char-set.

The SRFI bindings can be accessed either by opening the appropriate structure (the structure srfi-n contains SRFI n) or by loading structure srfi-7 and then using the ,load-srfi-7-program command to load an SRFI 7-style program. The syntax for the command is

,load-srfi-7-program name filename
This creates a new structure and associated package, binds the structure to name in the configuration package, and then loads the program found in filename into the package.

As an example, if the file test.scm contains

(program (code (define x 10)))
this program can be loaded as follows:
> ,load-package srfi-7
> ,load-srfi-7-program test test.scm
> ,in test
test> x

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