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Module commands

There are many commands related to modules. Only the most commonly used module commands are described here; documentation for the rest can be found in the module chapter. There is also a brief description of modules, structures, and packages below.

,open structure ...
Makes the bindings in the structures visible in the current package. The packages associated with the structures will be loaded if this has not already been done (the ask-before-loading switch can be used disable the automatic loading of packages).
,config [command]
Executes command in the config package, which includes the module configuration language. For example, use
,config ,load filename
to load a file containing module definitions. If no command is given, the config package becomes the execution package for future commands.
,user [command]
This is similar to the ,config. It moves to or executes a command in the user package (which is the default package when the Scheme 48 command processor starts).

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